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 2012Chevrolet Silverado 1500$32,80048,385BlackCutrubus Cadillac
2012Ford F-150$28,99559,961TanEd Kenley Ford
2012Ford F-150$32,91356,603Race RedEd Kenley Ford
2016Ford F-350 SD$59,1778Oxford WhiteEd Kenley Ford
2016Ford F-250 SD$59,2609White Platinum Metallic TricoatEd Kenley Ford
2016Ford F-250 SD$59,36010Oxford WhiteEd Kenley Ford
2016Ford F-350 SD$60,9546Bronze Fire MetallicEd Kenley Ford
2016Ford F-350 SD$61,2347Oxford WhiteEd Kenley Ford
 2016Ford F-350 SD$61,50654Shadow BlackEd Kenley Ford
2016Ford F-350 SD$63,36029Race RedEd Kenley Ford