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2012Dodge Ram 2500$43,97712,039Bright Silver MetallicCutrubus Cadillac
2014Ford F-150$25,33815Oxford WhiteEd Kenley Ford
2014Ford F-150$27,76715Oxford WhiteEd Kenley Ford
2014Ford F-150$32,86915Ingot Silver MetallicEd Kenley Ford
2014Ford F-150$33,26043Sterling Gray MetallicEd Kenley Ford
2012Ford F-150$33,93035,143Tuxedo Black MetallicEd Kenley Ford
2012Ford F-150$34,31547,728WhiteEd Kenley Ford
2012Ford F-150$35,81921,920BrownEd Kenley Ford
2012Dodge Ram 3500$36,90027,879WhiteEd Kenley Ford
2014Ford F-150$41,39053Sterling Gray MetallicEd Kenley Ford